Talking Hometown Influences with Route 33

We caught up with the guys from Route 33 to talk about home and what it means to them.

Queensland musical duo Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes are the guys behind band Route 33. Recently announced as Brand Ambassadors for Hometown Fest 2019. As Hometown is all about the influences of home and origins we sat down with the boys to find out what hometown means to them.

Where do you consider your ‘hometown’ to be?

Trent: Sunshine Coast

Jock: Kingaroy

You live in Brisbane now, how would you describe the people/ culture?

It is becoming a lot more cultured, big country town forever and a day but now it’s starting to get precincts like Melbourne and the hipsters are coming out of the woodwork!

What makes your hometown ‘home’?

The fact it is big enough for there to always be something to do, but small enough that you can turn up to your local social spot and still know everyone.

What is the most iconic thing about your hometown?

I suppose the Brisbane river as the city is basically built around it, Jock is lucky enough to live in an apartment looking over both the river and city.

Tell us about the live music scene in your hometown?

It thankfully hasn’t been hurt by government regulations like southern states. The scene was super iconic in the 90s with residents at local bars being Bernard Fanning, Keith Urban, Jon Stevens etc. Brisbane has an amazing RnB music scene at the moment and also with the help of EKKA and Johnny Ringo’s as well as the major festivals that are country based in South East Queensland, country music is also booming.

How has your hometown and the people there shaped your music style?

I believe that the country pop sound is becoming more and more similar to RnB chord progression, so playing with a lot of these master in this genre, helps us with writing/construction of songs.

Do you feature or mention your hometown in any of your music?

Our band/album names are all Brisbane references.

What drew you to being a part of the Hometown Fest event this year?

I’m sure when this is announced there will be a huge buzz. CMC Rocks has been leading the way and the demand has been huge. I think Hometown Fest will have a line up as equal if not better, but the inner city feel, and the structure of this festival is like nothing Australia has seen.

What can Hometown Fest audiences expect from your set at this year’s festival?

As always, high energy and hopefully a lot of fun!

We can’t wait to for Route 33 to perform at this years Hometown Fest! Thanks for chatting with us boys.

Be sure to check out the new clip for hot new track Kryptonite and follow the guys on Spotify or your preferred music platform for their upcoming releases!