Natalie Pearson

Natalie Pearson

  • Sunday, November 24


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After a winning performance on the main stage at the Gympie Music Muster 2018, a national tour, and climbing chart positions on CMC, KIX Country Radio and The Music Network; Australian Contemporary-Country newcomer, Natalie Pearson is making an impression.

She may be petite at 5’2, but this girl-next-door has some big notes to deliver.

Natalie received the most recent Australian Independent Music Award for Best Country, and has since opened for notable country music industry names such as multi Golden Guitar Award winners and nominees – Adam Brand, Travis Collins, The Wolfe Brothers and Troy Kemp. With her strong vocals and engaging live performance she is certainly a performer to get excited about.

Her latest video release with Brook Chivell “I Wonder What You Kiss Like” was filmed on the Gold Coast, and has been very popular with contemporary country music fans. The song debuted at #2 on the iTunes Chart and is climbing the KIX Country and The Music Network Charts as well as rotation on Foxtel’s Country Music Channel.

Natalie’s previous release, ‘Mr Wrong’, a song she cheekily refers to as her ‘Tinder Song’, is an infectious tale of attracting the wrong kind of guy over and over. A message of sass and empowerment, Natalie believes we should know our worth, and never settle. The song and video saw her hit #17 on Foxtel’s Country Music Channel, as well as receive high rotation airplay and #5 position on KIX Country’s national radio chart, both attributing to an impressive 15 weeks in The Music Network Chart, and a #2 iTunes Country album chart position.

With her increased online popularity, she recognised the demand to take a leap of faith, leaving the comforts of her hometown in Perth for the east coast, where opportunities are creating a worthy new path.

Natalie is currently writing new music for release in 2019, will be touring Australian cities and is Nashville bound during CMA Festival in June.

Natalie was included on the programs of Deni Ute Muster and Gympie Music Muster, VDM Fest, Tamworth Country Music Festival, and will be appearing at Hometown Festival in November.

Hometown :
Perth, Western Australia

Birthday :
February 1

First CD purchase :
Falling into you, Celine Dion
Come on over, Shania Twain
Breathe, Faith Hill

Hidden Talent :
Parallel parking


The gorgeous and talented Nat Pearson sat down with us to fill us in on her big move from Hometown Perth and how it still inspires her today.
Where does Natalie Pearson consider her Hometown to be ?

Perth, Western Australia will always be my home. I was born in Liverpool, UK but my parents emigrated when I was two. They both took a redundancy package at their work, and decided to have a complete change of scenery. They left everything behind and traveled to the other side of the world to start fresh (with better weather haha).

But you live on the glamorous Gold Coast now ?

I recently made a big move myself, from the West coast to the East coast, and I now live on the Gold Coast, and I travel a lot to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for work with music…but I do try to make the long trip home to Perth to catch up with everyone back home when I can.

What defines home for you now ?

I think the people we surround ourselves with, makes wherever we are, feel like home. Even though I’m on the other side of the country and in different time zones to my best friends, we make efforts to stay in contact. We pick right back up where we left off, so it feels like no time has passed at all. It’s hard moving to a new city, but I’m very lucky to have made some amazing new friends in the music scene in Queensland as well.

For someone who’s never seen Australia’s beautiful west coast, how big is Perth ?

Perth has just under 2 Million people (1.985 Million), and is quite literally the most isolated city in the world being completely surrounded by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian outback on the other. Although Perth is a city, it does feel like a small town – everyone seems to know everyone. It’s definitely 6 degrees of separation!

How does it compare to the GC ?

The Gold Coast has a much smaller population – around 500,000, but a LOT of tourists. It’s a very beautiful place – famous for Surfers Paradise and the gorgeous beaches.

What would you say is the biggest similarity between Perth and the Gold Coast ?

I think Perth has a very similar vibe to where I am now on the Gold Coast. Pretty laid back and casual, easy-going friendly people.

What was the live music scene like back in Perth ?

So many great bands have come out of Perth – Tame Impala, Little Birdy, Birds of Tokyo, Pendulum, End of Fashion, Karnivool, Jebediah, Gyroscope, Samantha Jade, even INXS started as a Perth cover band. The standard of musicians in Perth is so good – there are more musicians than live music venues so you have to be good to get a gig! I was very lucky to have been part of the vibrant cover band scene in Perth for 8 years, playing 3-4 nights a week, so I learnt a lot! More opportunities were appearing on the east coast, so I perform a lot now in Brisbane and there is a really lively music scene – you’ll find musicians playing almost, if not every night of the week, and a lot of touring acts come to town so there’s a lot going on.

Who, what or where in Perth influenced your career ?

The cover band scene in Perth pretty much shaped me into the performer I am today. I was gigging resident nightclubs 3-4 nights a week in a band. I learnt how to work a crowd, how to deal with heckling (ha!) and what goes into putting on a great show – it’s not just the band – the sound tech, the lighting guys, the booking agents, venue managers, and dealing with issues when things don’t go to plan. The Perth music industry was/is one big family – everyone has worked with everyone – there’s a big mutual respect and we help each other out if and when needed. They’re also so supportive – I get many lovely messages all the time from past band members who are loving watching what I get up to.

Does Perth get a mention in any current Natalie Pearson tracks ?

Not yet but it probably should!

So what does inspire your music day to day ?

I’m inspired by other musicians, small business owners and entrepreneurs – pretty much anyone who backs themselves, take risks and follow their dreams. My instagram newsfeed is basically a big positivity dream board that inspires me everyday.

We are Natalie Pearson Instagram top fans for sure. What drew you to taking part in Hometown Fest ?

I’m really excited about Hometown Fest this year – I love that it’s not genre specific – there’s a fantastic cross section of music so there will be something for everyone, and who knows – you might discover something completely new and unexpected and love it!

What can new Natalie Pearson audiences expect from your set ?

Expect a fun contemporary-country set of sing-along, storytelling, heart and a bit of sass!

Speaking of fun, who are you excited to see at Hometown Fest ?

EVERYONE!!!!! Someone please clone me so I can be everywhere at once.

What do you think makes Hometown Fest different to other festivals ?

I love that Hometown Fest isn’t genre specific. So many festivals feature just one style of music, so if you’re not into that genre, or aren’t really sure what it has to offer, you’re probably not going to go. Hometown Fest will bring music lovers together to enjoy a diverse cross section of music, so there will be something for everyone, and like I said before who knows – you might discover something completely new and unexpected and love it!

What would make Hometown Fest bigger and better next year ?

I would love to see Hometown Fest become a touring festival – more of Australia needs this amazing concept!

We’ll be sure to take you with us!