Katie Bates

Katie Bates

  • Sunday, November 24


    The Shed


Upon hearing the rustic tones of Katie Bates, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’d cut her teeth in music from the back of a Tennessee saloon as opposed to the dive bars of Melbourne, Australia. Fresh off the launch of her EP ‘New Gold’, and with an album in the works for 2019, Katie Bates is a captivating voice in the vibrant Melbourne country/Americana scene. Heartfelt songs brimming with honesty and delivered with one of the most dynamic voices around, Katie’s sets are a mixture of songs old and new – insightful originals mixed with classic honky-tonkin’ tunes guaranteed to get the crowd dancing.

When not bearing her soul on stage, she’s the girl in the corner simply glued to the jukebox. In between effortlessly shrugging the advances of barflies and blow-in drinkers, she trawls through Americana, blues and folk until the songs become engraved on her tongue. The Victorian singer-songwriter brings an attitude to the table that is seldom seen in the country/roots scene. A fire in the belly that simmers beneath a sweet surface of a gifted storyteller.

“Katie’s voice is smooth as velvet and she’s got a great feel about her songwriting. ‘Rewrite A Page’ has a contagious groove that makes you want to go dancing in a late night cocktail bar. She oozes confidence and style.” – Imogen Clark

Her alluring single ‘Rewrite A Page’ from her debut EP ‘New Gold’ is like something straight out of a Quentin Tarrantino film. ‘New Gold’ has the foundations of a traditional country Ep at its core – but sways, lingers and cuts its way past country clichés to become a record that is as gritty as it is pretty. The EP has received widespread attention from radio programs all over Australia.

“Bates’voice is soft, sweet, and very warm which tends to pulls you in as you listen. While New Gold has got that traditional pop country, heart and soul grit to it, the songs have a very modern feel, blending the eras of old and new for a new generation to enjoy.” – The Music Below (California, USA)

Katie’s sound pays respect to the likes of Gillian Welch, Hank Williams, Tom Petty, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Like scooping a bucket through a wishing well of Americana, country and roots legends. 2019 has already started to shape out to be a big year for Bates. Having just played 17 shows in total at Tamworth Country Music Festival – playing 6 solo shows, one supporting Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller at their headline show at the Welder’s Dog. As well as playing in other bands including Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, James Ellis and the Jealous Guys, Hana & Jessie-Lee, Ben Mastwyk & his Million$ and Hannah Aldridge (US). She now gears up for an exciting year of brand new music (to be released in the coming months) and more touring around Australia all year.

“Her voice is magnificent and the lyrics are so deep, so pure. Katie has one of the most sweet and beautiful voices I’ve ever heard in country music.” – Vane Miraglia, Freak Stalker Magazine

Hometown :
Melbourne, Victoria

Birthday :
January 25

First CD purchase :
Navermind, Nirvana

Hidden talent :
Two Stepping!
Been taking Honky Tonk dance lessons for over a year!