Josh Setterfield

Josh Setterfield

  • Saturday, November 23


    Crossroads Park


Pushing boundaries and challenging the norm, Josh Setterfield brings country up a notch! Heavily influenced by the American stadium country rock, Setterfield is bringing his unique blend of catchy, country pop/rock tracks to fans worldwide. A natural front man, born to entertain – there is no shortage of energy anytime Josh hits the stage.

Exploding onto the scene in 2016, Josh made a seamless transition to country after fronting a pop punk band for over six years. Now Setterfield is entertaining and wowing audiences with his high energy performances and incredible showmanship. In just a couple of years he’s secured performances at major festivals including Groundwater Country Music Festival, Gympie Muster, Deni Ute Muster, Rockin Rocky, Country at The Camp, Lights On The Hill and Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Since releasing major single ‘Feelin’ Love’, opportunities began to snowball.  Accruing over 310K streams to date on Apple Music, Setterfield has been seen supporting international Country acts Love & Theft and Drew Baldridge; as well as touring with country heavy-weights The Wolfe Brothers. Josh continues to pop-up on shows nationally with a growing list of support spots, including The Viper Creek Band, Troy Kemp, Travis Collins, Shannon Noll, Ian Moss and many more.

His new single Broke is the first from upcoming EP sequel ‘Till Dawn’; A catchy, fun, upbeat song which brings a light-hearted touch to a fairly relatable topic. Josh continues to hone his craft and sound as a songwriter and entertainer. Just like his previous release ‘From Dusk’, this collection is also written, recorded, mixed and produced by himself in its entirety. Not to mention this guy is also a multi-instrumentalist!

Debuting at #3 on the iTunes country charts with his second EP ‘From Dusk’. This release contained three successful singles which established Josh’s presence among fellow artists and industry. His first single ‘Hometown’ which Josh wrote about his small town of Wangi Wangi where he grew up; achieved milestones as it soared onto country radio. The single held top chart spots for several weeks including a #1. The music video delivered a debut on CMC. This success was closely followed by ‘Feelin’ Love’ which also joined ‘Hometown’ on CMC. Both Feelin’ Love & My Kind of Saturday Night secured major additions to multiple Apple Music playlists.

Putting together and delivering an entertaining live show has always been a passion for the young singer/songwriter. With his background as a front man, Josh really knows how to engage and work a crowd. Blurring the lines of  country in every way and creating his own pathways. There is an exceptional level of talent to this young male country artist. Josh Setterfield is a name to keep your eye on and in your playlists; with a huge year ahead featuring new music, more videos and more shows.

Hometown :
Wangi Wangi
New South Wales, Australia

Birthday :
August 27

First CD purchase :
Still not getting anything, Simple Plan

Hidden talent :
Still working on it


We caught up with Josh to explore what home means to him and how much of it rubs off on his music.
Where does Josh Setterfield come from?

My hometown is a little fishing town just south of Newcastle called Wangi Wangi.

You call Brisbane home now?

Yeah, I moved to Brisbane halfway through school and miss it every day.

So what was it like growing up in Wangi Wangi?

Every time I go back there, it makes me feel like a kid again. There’s so much to do if you’re a young kid growing up there. So much bushland to explore and the World War 2 gun turrets and shelters on top of the trails are always great to explore.

Being from a small town, there’d be a great sense of community?

I think there’s just over 2,000 that live there and they’re always so kind and easygoing. A great place to be 🙂

What’s the live music scene like in Wangi Wangi?

I’ve played at the Wangi RSL twice before, and although there’s not really a music scene there, they love their entertainment.

Any other musicians we may have heard of that call Wangi their hometown?

I know Kirsty Lee Akers currently lives there!

What influences from your hometown have inspired you or contributed to your career?

My Pop! He was a bass player in a band years ago and has always supported my music and what I do! I always love going to see my grandparents down there.

Do you feature or mention your Wangi or your pop in any of your music?

Yes! I have a single called ‘Hometown’ that I wrote about Wangi. I also shot the music video for the single there.

We LOVE a good Hometown track! Who or what else inspires you musically?

A big one for me is Keith Urban. That guy has basically been a music god to me since I picked up a guitar.

We have a Keith crush too! Other than our shared love of Keith, what drew you to being a part of Hometown Fest?

I always love to be a part of a great event! And also, I have a song called ‘HOMETOWN’, how could I not want to be in on that! Haha.

What can our audience expect from your set at this year’s festival?

High energy, sing alongs, and hopefully leaving my set happy from having a great time!

No doubt in our minds there will be smiles in the crowd! Are there any other acts at Hometown Fest that you are excited to see?

I actually haven’t been told who else is playing yet, so I guess I’m excited to find out who else is there!

Other than a mysterious lineup, what do you think sets our festival apart from others down under?

Hometown is basically trying to bring Nashville to Australia! And that sounds pretty damn good to me.

Us too! Thanks for the love Josh!