Honey County

Honey County

  • Saturday, November 23


    Visitors Arena


Rooted in three-part vocal harmonies, southern twang, and pop hooks, Honey County is a female country trio featuring the stacked voices and layered guitar work of Dani Rose, Devon Jane and Katie Stump.

As one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 Artists You Need To Know,” the band has maintained a busy schedule both onstage and in the studio, sharing shows with artists like Lady Antebellum, Brett Eldredge, Jake Owen and Easton Corbin while also crafting modern, melody-based country songs.

With a prestigious placement of their song “Love Someone” featured in an episode of CMT’s “Nashville” this past summer, the band is excited to be working on new music and plans to release an EP in late 2018. This is countrywide country music, presented in three-part harmony.

Hometown :
Los Angeles, California
United States


We recently caught up with Honey County who let us in on the Hometown influences and how they became Country Strong.
Where are Honey County from originally ?

Devon is from Temecula, California, Katie is from Fullerton, California and I [Dani] lived in Chantilly, Virginia until 5th grade and then we moved to Tokyo, Japan, so I consider both cities ‘home’ for me!

Where do you all live now ?

We all live in Los Angeles, California now!

What makes a Hometown truly home for Honey County ?

For all of us, family is what makes our hometowns feel like home – that and of course the suburban landscape! It’s really nice to get out of the city.

What makes your hometown’s famous to everyone else ?

Devon – Wineries fill the hills of Temecula!
Dani – There’s a lot of US historical significance in Virginia. The place I was born (Manassas, VA) is where the battle of bull run took place.
Katie – (from wikipedia haha) Historically, Fullerton, CA was a center of agriculture, notably groves of Valencia oranges and other citrus crops; petroleum extraction; transportation; and manufacturing.

What about their live music scene, what’s it like ?

Devon – There’s lots of live music in Temecula and I used to play with my Dad in blues bands all around the city in various bars and music hangs.

Are there any other famous musicians who share you roots ?

Devon – Tori Kelly is from Temecula!
Dani – Jared Leto is from where I grew up!
Katie – Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray!

Those are some pretty impressive neighbours! What would you say was a major influence on your career growing up ?

I think we’ve all been inspired by our Dad’s (that all play music) to pursue our careers in music.

Talented families, what about your home town’s, how have they shaped your music ?

We’ve been really lucky to have so much support from all of the people and families in our home towns!

Do you home town’s get a feature in any of your music ?

Since we all live in California now and call it home, we do sing about this place in several of our songs!

What was it that attracted you to being apart of Hometown Fest?

We’ve been huge fans of the country music scene out of Australia (we are big fans of the Wolfe Brothers!) and were thrilled to be asked to play! We love the enthusiasm about featuring rising artists and established artists all the same, we can’t wait to be part of it.

We’re huge Wolfe Brothers fans too! Sadly they aren’t on our line up this year – maybe next year… Is there anyone on our line up you’re excited to see ?

We haven’t seen the full lineup yet! But we just recently played a Gibson Guitar event with Parmalee and can’t wait to see those boys again!

What can Hometown Fest audiences expect from a Honey County set ?

You can expect us to rock out and put on one heck of a show 🙂