Codie Prevost

Codie Prevost

  • Saturday, November 23


    Visitors Arena


Four-time Canadian Country Music Association nominee and six-time Saskatchewan Country Music Association ‘Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year’ winner Codie Prevost, learned at an early age that hard work and perseverance leads to good things. Since starting his career he’s shared the stage with some of country music’s top performers including Garth Brooks, Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, and Neal McCoy.

​Prevost has recorded four award-winning studio albums including his most recent release All Kinds Of Crazy, which debuted at #6 on the iTunes Albums Chart alongside Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, and Luke Bryan. All Kinds Of Crazy received ‘Country Recording Of The Year’ at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards and was nominated for ‘Album Of The Year’ at the 2014 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

Prevost has toured internationally, performing tours in France, America, and his most recent tour to Australia that included performances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Plantation Music Festival, and the Gympie Music Muster.

Prevost is currently set to launch his fifth studio album this fall entitled Radio. The album was produced by award-winning producer Jeff Johnson (George Canyon, Wes Mack) and Jesse Weiman.

Hometown :
Archerwill, Canada

Birthday :
December 19, 1984


We’re excited to have Codie Prevost at this years Hometown Fest, we caught up with him to talk Hometown and the influence his has had on his music.
They say home is where the heart is, so where do you consider your ‘hometown’ to be ?

I grew up on a farm just outside the small community of Archerwill, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Do you still live there ?

At this time no, I currently live in a larger Saskatchewan city known as Saskatoon.

Tell us a bit about your Hometown and what really makes it feel like home for you ?

My hometown is an incredible place and it’s all because of the people. Growing up it always felt like the whole community was one big family.

How big a community is it ?

Roughly 300 people live in Archerwill.

That’s very intimate, what are they like ?

The people are kind and make you feel at home no matter where you come from. If someone the community needs help there is always someone available to lend a helping hand in an instant.

What is the most iconic thing about Archerwill, what’s it famous for ?

There is a sign when you come into Archerwill that reads “Where you’re only a stranger once”. This sign is a true representation of how kind and giving the people are.

Being such a small town is there much of a live music scene ?

When I first started singing my hometown would host a winter festival in the town hall every year, where I performed my first public performances. My mom later became the owner of the local bar in town so over the years I’ve also performed there a few times.

That’s really cool. Are there any other famous museos from Archerwill ?

A popular folk artist named Gary Fjellgard originated from a nearby town called Rose Valley. I attended elementary & high school in this community.

Are there any major influencers – people, events, programs, live shows – from your hometown that have inspired you or contributed to your career ?

My mom and uncle would perform at family functions while I was growing up. This allowed me to see how music could bring joy to so many people. They would play a few chords and sing classic country songs and bring smiles to so many people while doing it.

Sounds like you come from a very musical family! How about the rest of Archerwill, how have they shaped your music style ?

I’ve written many songs about my hometown and how they’ve supported me from day one of my journey in music. A few years back my hometown honoured me with a sign on each end of town as you drive in that says “Archerwill Home Of Country Recording Artist Codie Prevost”. It’s one of the biggest highlights of my career and a moment I’ll never forget.

Congratulations! They must be truly proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Does Archerwill feature in any of your music ?

We shot a music video for one of my songs “Finish What He Started” in the upstairs of my mom’s bar and also filmed another music video for my song “All Kinds Of Crazy” at a hunting cabin I built in the woods just outside of town when I was a kid.

That must have been fun to go back and showcase your handy work, the places that inspired your career. Where else do you tend to find inspiration for your music ?

A lot of my inspiration came from a Canadian artist named Paul Brandt. Paul’s music really spoke to me when I started performing as he wrote so many songs about small towns. As time progressed I found the music of Keith Urban and Eric Church really inspired me.

Keith Urban just happens to be from our hometown and we too are awe inspired by him! What drew you to taking part in our festival ?

Hometown Fest to me symbolises that no matter where we are from we all have a hometown. It’s where memories that last a lifetime are built and where you always have a friend.

Community is a large part of what we’re doing and we do hope lasting memories are made at Hometown Fest. What can our audience expect from a Codie Prevost set this year ?

I just launched my 5th studio album so I’ll be performing new songs from that album along with songs from previous albums and a couple fun cover songs thrown into the mix! I always try to get the crowd involved in the show and with this being the Hometown Fest it makes perfect sense to do that!

Can’t wait to be apart of that audience! Is there anyone on the Hometown Fest lineup that you’re excited to see ?

I’m excited to see Clay Walker perform. When I was a kid I grew up on a farm that was about 3 hours from the nearest city where big concerts were held. I recall my mom and dad loading us my sisters and I in the car and telling us we were going to our first concert. It just so happened this concert ended up being Clay Walker right as his career was taking off. I’ve never forgotten that concert after all these years and it will be amazing to relive that memory!