Brooke Schubert

Brooke Schubert

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    The Shed
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From performing with Tina Arena to touring with Keith Urban, there’s not a lot that Brooke Schubert hasn’t done in her career. With TV shows and industry acclaim under her belt, Brooke doesn’t sit idle for long.

2019 was off to a huge start, with Brooke being named as an official Tamworth Country Music Festival Ambassador, performing for QANTAS at their drought relief fundraisers, supporting Golden Guitar winner Travis Collins, and being a special guest of The Voice winner Judah Kelly’s only Tamworth show. Performing Shallow from A Star Is Born with Judah was a career highlight for Brooke.

She hasn’t stopped there, her single Here I am, was released in March along with her first-ever video clip. She is singing alongside Amy Shark, Brett Eldridge, Missy Higgins and John Pardi at Wintons Way Out West Fest.

Originally from Moranbah in central Queensland, Brooke and her family have been living in Brisbane since 2017.

Brooke is excited to be able to showcase her new music and energetic stage show to her new Hometown crowd.

Born In :
Collinsville, Queensland

Birthday :
2 June

First CD purchase :
John Farnham, Romeo’s Heart

Hidden talent :


A brief insight into Hometown Hero Brooke Schubert’s Hometown, how it made her who she is today and how it continues to influence her life and music.
Where do you consider your ‘hometown’ to be?

My hometown is Moranbah in Central Queensland. I spent 27 years there and I miss it so much.

Was this where you were born?

I was actually born in Collinsville, just up the road from Moranbah!

Do you still live there now?

My family an I are based in Brisbane now and we can’t imagine living anywhere else.

So tell us a bit about Moranbah?

Moranbah is about 200kms west of Mackay in Queensland with a population of about 8,000 people, but fluctuates with FIFO from the coal mines. Gorgeous people, loyal, pub culture.

What makes Moranbah ‘home’ for you?

The memories on every corner, school, the pub, the creek.

Have you ever lived anywhere else?

Mackay, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

How often do you get back to Moranbah?

I’m always overdue for a trip back home.

What is the most iconic thing about Moranbah?

Cathy Freeman!!!!

Okay, but what else is Moranbah famous for?

Coal mining for sure.

What do you love most about getting back to Moranbah, can’t be the mines?

The people. I really miss the people. They love you no matter what. It’s like a big family.

You must have a pretty decent fan base in Moranbah then. What’s the live music scene like there?

Well… there’s two pubs, and live music at both of them. I played at the Black Nugget Hotel for the better part of 20 years. Lee Kernaghan coming to Moranbah!

Did Lee and the Moranbah fan base shape your music style?

Absolutely, I learned to tell stories and stay true to who I am. That’s what they would all want.

What is the first thing that a visitor would notice about Moranbah?

The big red dragline bucket at the start of town!

Has it made an appearance in your music yet?

Not yet… but there’s always time!!

What’s your favorite memory about your hometown?

When the Olympic torch came through town. Mum and I sang, but it was just a beautiful coming together of our community.

Talking community, what made you want to be apart of our Hometown Fest artist community this year?

The idea of an event of this scale being in the city, especially with county music at the forefront. It’s a game changer in the Brisbane live music landscape. I’m so grateful to be apart of it’s debut.

We’re grateful to have you! What can Hometown Fest audiences expect from a Brooke Schubert performance at this years event?

High energy, big vocals and good times!!!