Hometown Fest ‘Hometown Heroes’

Hometown Heroes

Introducing Brooke Schubert, Route 33 and Bonnie Morris – Hometown Fest’s 2019 Hometown Heroes!

Our Hometown Heroes will be giving fans (that’s you!) behind the scenes access, interviews, must sees, tips and tricks, meet and greets and all things Hometown Fest so keep an eye on their socials!

“Hometown Fest is about creating a sustainable community platform for local and international artists. The Hometown Heroes each year will personify Hometown Fest, our values and our spirit.”

Jess Anderson, Founder and Director of Hometown Fest
Brooke Schubert

Brooke Schubert:

First up, Brooke Schubert. The Alt Country artist has been on quite a journey to become the musician she is today. In 2014, Brooke was handpicked by Keith Urban to perform alongside him on his Light the Fuse tour. In 2017, she was a contestant on The Voice Australia. In 2018, she performed for some major music festivals and in 2019, her new single Here I Am is an amazing taste of what’s to come from Brooke! A new album on the way and joining us as a Hometown Hero this year also, Brooke is set for a huge year!

It was both Brooke’s personality and talent that drew us to the performer.

“Brooke is amazing, she is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. When I saw Brooke perform in a dodgy pub, her voice just broke through the noise of the place and I was blown away. I’m really looking forward to working with her and having her a part of Hometown Fest.”

Jess Anderson, Founder and Director of Hometown Fest.

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Bonnie Morris

Bonnie Morris:

Next up we have spirited, Moree-born, Bonnie Morris. Bon is a picture of growing up in country Australia. Attending boarding school in Brisbane, her adoptive home is still the ‘big smoke’ and she is the first to admit she’s not sure how she got this gig. Bon is excited to bring her energetic passion for all things Aussie to Hometown Fest.

“She’s approachable, youthful, fun, a mix of country and city. Plus look at her, she’s gorgeous! Bon will do big things.”

Jess Anderson, Founder and Director of Hometown Fest.

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Route 33

Route 33:

Queensland duo Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes, known under the band name Route 33, are Hometown Fest’s third Hometown Hero. Route 33 are contributing to the current evolution of country music with their blend of country rock. Their new album to be released in the coming months, the guys say the scale and hype around the event is what drew them to be a part of Hometown Fest. “I’m sure when this is announced, there will be a huge buzz. CMC Rocks has been leading the way and the demand has been huge. I think this festival will have a line up as equal if not better, but the inner city feel, and the structure of this festival will be like nothing Australia has seen.”

“Route 33 are so talented. Their music is the genre bending country rock sound that is blowing up right now. I’m excited to see them grow and as a local Brissy band they were a must to have involved.”

Jess Anderson, Founder and Director of Hometown Fest.

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