Get rewarded for attending !

The Hometown Fest Country Club is an exclusive rewards program to encourage and support our country community!

The below is a list of rewards which can be claimed by simply bringing your mates.

As you reach the reward level you will receive a notification email from us and your REWARD !!


You’ve joined the Hometown Fest Country Club which means you’re joining us in the Visitors Arena  +  Scored yourself instant points  –  damn that was easy!


Not only do your friends get discounted tickets but bring four of them and score yourself a FREE Hometown Fest Merch Shirt


You’re a Hometown Fest dead-set champion! So we’ll upgrade you and a friend to VIP FOR FREE


It’s time for you to get some recognition! But not from us, for your commitment to Hometown Fest we’re going to introduce you and a friend to one of our mates –  ARTIST MEET & GREET 

Want more?

For every 50 POINTS following your crack of the 100 mark, we’re going to give you another  ARTIST MEET & GREET  for you an a friend!

Super keen?

Get posting! Sharing Hometown Fest to your socials and tagging #HometownFest will also get you 2 points per post – you could make enough points during the festival to ensure your ticket for 2020 is guaranteed! [and we can’t wait to share that lineup with you]

Membership Details