Brooke Schubert: Hometown Influences

Brooke Schubert

We recently caught up with Hometown Fest Hero Brooke Schubert to talk about the concept of ‘home’.

When we introduced Hometown Fest’s team of brand ambassadors, including Aussie country music artist Brooke Schubert, we were over the moon! Hometown Fest is all about celebrating Australian music, culture and lifestyle – which is why we sat down with Brooke to find out where she is from, and how her hometown has helped shape her life and her music.

Where do you consider your hometown to be?

I was born in Collinsville, but my Hometown is Moranbah in Central Queensland. I spent 27 years there and I miss it so much. These days I am based in Brisbane with my family.

Have you ever lived anywhere else?

Yes, I’ve lived in Mackay, on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

What do you love most about Moranbah?

The people. I really miss the people. They love you no matter what. It’s like a big family.

Can you share one of your favorite memories about your hometown with us?

When the Olympic torch came through town. Mum and I sang, but it was just a beautiful coming together of our community.

How often do you get to go back home?

Not as often as I’d like.

Let’s talk music. Tell us about the live music scene in Moranbah?

There are two pubs, and live music at both of them. I played at the Black Nugget Hotel for the better part of 20 years.

Are there any major music influences from your Hometown that have inspired or contributed towards your career?

Lee Kernaghan came to Moranbah!!!

How has Moranbah and the people there shaped your music style?

It has taught me to tell stories, and stay true to who I am. That’s what the people of Moranbah would all want.

What drew you to being a part of Hometown Fest this year?

The idea of an event of this scale being in the city, especially with county music at the forefront. It’s a game changer in Brisbane’s live music landscape. I’m so grateful to be apart of its debut.

What can Hometown Fest audiences expect from your set at this year’s festival?

High energy, big vocals and good times!!!

Thanks for chatting with us Brooke and we can’t wait to see you perform live at this year’s Hometown Fest. Stalk Brooke’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up with her and keep an eye out for new music coming soon!

A bit about Brooke’s hometown Moranbah:

  • Location: 200ks west of Mackay
  • Population: 8000 people but fluctuates with FIFO from the coal mines
  • People/culture: Gorgeous people, loyal, pub culture
  • Hometown icon: Cathy Freeman
  • Famous for: Coal mining